The Studio with its interconnections is continuously connected to the rest of the world, thanks to its system of contacts, connections, trips and meetings of the Staff and Associates. Staff and Associates who represent a world of experience in the fields of textiles and clothing, in fashion, design and industrial design, forecasting trends, marketing, anthropology, communication, astrology, feng shui, philosophy ..


The Firm and its staff and collaborators have experience in the industrial sector combined in various skills and industrial sectors of over 500 years and have worked together to help companies achieve greater success. The companies with which the Firm and its staff and partners have worked together have a total annual turnover of over 60 MLD €.


The organization of the Studio takes example from that of the Beehive in which the work is always interconnected in Simultaneous Engineering in order to use all the knowledge, skills and all the experiences and specialties of the Staff and Associates. Everyone has his own field of expertise based on the experience accumulated in that area but knows and has experienced in all other activities.

Simultaneous Engineering or Concurrent Engineering is a systematic approach aimed at the integrated development of the product that highlights the response to customer expectations. Incorporate in the team the values of cooperation, group and partnership so that the production of decisions is consensual, involving all perspectives in parallel, from the beginning of the product life cycle ...


Manuela Nannini - Textile Designer

Graziella Sarno - Assistant
Associate Lab Engineer office


Filippo Rami

Gu Jiashuo


Simona Mannelli - Head Designer

Lorenzo Ciardi - Graphic Designer

Francesca De Nicoli - Graphic Designer

Andrea Rami - Interior Designer 

Webmaster Studio Associate Architecture Studio


Kaoru Imai - Head Designer
Gem Studio - Associate Style Studio


"Masters, Associated, Advisors" 

Roberto Cecchetti

Claudio Cannistrà

Marco Fida

Andrea Doroldi