The right thing is also the beautiful one..

Riccardo Rami 


An artistic soul with a textile culture and simple technical solutions. An approach that derives from the experience of mixing fibers, colors and weaves typical of the alchemy of the textile heritage of Prato.


The individual is always at the center of every project and the first thought goes to who will use the object, to what feeling he will feel seeing it, touching it, using it ... And what is the type of energy we are using and transforming. All of our productions are made by artisans / makers: first from Tuscany and then from the rest of the world, always in search for something that has a real meaning, with the focus on giving importance to the expression of the material, to the respect for traditions and the people, for the places from which the ideas manifest into reality.


"Riccardo Rami Studio has worked a lot in the research of materials and has various patents and registered trademarks"


The creation of both living and working spaces affects the quality of our life and the product of our actions.

The materials, shapes and colors involved are designed to create places and atmospheres that are in harmony with those who must live them daily by listening to the voices of the place and of those who live there you can harmoniously exploit all the energies present.


"Energy follows form, man the Energy"

Gran Master Chan Kun Wah


The Brand Identity is the consequence of the creation of the product and is useful to communicate its meaning and its existence. The identity of a Brand precedes it, tells its story from birth, becomes an instrument for marketing and sales. The challenge is to ensure that the perception of the product and its image are consistent with each other and aligned from every angle.