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Creative explorations of textile thought Meetings that create a "warp of ideas" in which traditional philosophy and knowledge interact with the art of weaving.

Perspective is an innovative working tool, a system designed to inspire, motivate, and accompany

individuals in the realm of Textiles, Fashion, and beyond, throughout their creative journey.

It is meticulously designed and crafted with care and passion, ensuring that users can derive

enjoyment and benefit from its use.




Riccardo Rami Studio has always investigated non-aligned arguments from alternative sources Webinars, Conferences, Meetings - Scheduled Cycles. Insights into what surrounds us from a different point of view, in order to understand what the future will bring us and how we can face it.


MAADs = "Masters, Associated, Advisors".


MAADs who treat and tell us about their Art, their Mastery giving us a disenchanted point of view on the vision of the world and the best possible futures that await us

Guests who move in the borderlands beyond the threshold and who will speak about their experiences and knowledge, topics such as:

Feng-Shui, Hi Ching, Astrology, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Language of Things, Aesthetics, Art, Harmony, Energy, Communication, Synchronicity, Symbology... 

All themes to be brought back into "practice in the present moment" to give them meaning and thus help us make the decisions that await us in everyday life.

A real "Contemporary Divination" that makes us understand that we are talking about the future that is coming.


"Masters, Associated, Advisors"

Roberto Cecchetti

He is a psychologist and doctor in philosophical sciences, he is a philosopher analyst (Sabof) and lecturer at the Erich Fromm School of Psychotherapy in Prato-Padua. He has published essays in various magazines and is the author of the volumes La metrica dell'appearance (Attucci 2018) and The rhythm of desire. From Jung to philosophical practices. (Mimesi 2019).


Claudio Cannistrà

Enrolled in the Other Professional of Astrologers, he is interested in the historical-cultural aspects of this discipline and in Astrocartography, a sector that studies the energies of places. He is a Director of the SEA (Sociedad Española de Astrologia) and of the Bozzano-De Boni Foundation / Library of Bologna, which deals with psychic research. He is also Director of the Spanish magazine SPICA and Deputy Director of the magazine Astral Language (Regular guest, on Teleromagna, on the series of broadcasts of the program "Places & Mysteries"). 


Marco Fida

Coach per il cambiamento, la comunicazione e la creatività.

Change, Communication and Creativity Coach.

Riccardo Rami

Workman of Design

Four meetings that create a "warp of ideas" in which traditional philosophy and knowledge interact with the art of weaving, in order to make explicit its implicit and often forgotten wisdom.

1- Symbols of weaving and the sound of fabrics - Riccardo Rami & Roberto Cecchetti

2- The codes of genesis - Luca Gavazzi & Roberto Cecchetti

3- The great theory of colors in astrology and fashion - Claudio Cannistrà & Roberto Cecchetti

4- The creative desire in Jung and the meeting with Eliade- Riccardo Rami & Roberto Cecchetti 

Alchemist of encounters - Marco Fida


Creative explorations beyond textile thought, Meetings that create a "warp of ideas" in which traditional philosophy and knowledge interact with the art of weaving.

Conference held by Bhumil Vurm writer, lecturer and president of the Hieronymus Bosch foundation, one of the leading European experts in painting and symbolism of the great Dutch painter.


Request bespoke consultancy services to empower your business.


APRIL 30, 2020

Post-pandemic webinars, predictions (and solutions) for our partners and friends around the world. Predictions that then came true in time.



How to face the transition and design the future.



We don’t have to rebuild a system like the one we use to know, but we have to re-design a completely new one that is in harmony with everything and that produces things that make sense.



Possible scenarios, strategies, products





Senza titolo-1.png

Art and design is an ideal meeting between the artist, Fargo, and Riccardo Rami, to transform the external and internal environments of the studio and imagine new social relationships. 

The mimesis of nature through painting is proposed with the language of a wall painting by Fargo in constant dialogue with the pre-existing architecture, already strongly permeated by forms, textures, and patterns referable to nature, and acts as a sensitive link between the plants inside and those in the backyard garden.

The Tyrannosaurus is the icon used by Fargo to combine the passion for dinosaurs shared by Riccardo Rami and a child named Niccolò met in2021 by the artist, in the context of the artisticworkshops promoted by”NPM Bambini in Movimento and Dynamo Camp”.


The green big bang is the beginning of a series of projects aimed at returning to a life in harmony with nature.

T_REX banner2 copia.png


Materials, Colors, Shapes, Dimensions, Solutions, form the Scenography designed to create a simple, clear Message, consistent with the forces involved, an Experience that leads the viewer to reflect on the story we are telling.

Exhibition and performance. On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 77, John Malkovich presents his latest clothing line, Technobohemian, from drawings to prototypes, at the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art. The artistic drawings by John and photos of him by Sandro Miller also are presented together. The same exhibition has been placed in Shanghai on October 19th, 2010 at the Central Studios in Shanghai.

From 06.02.2002 to 19.05.2002

Eco-mimetic installation, camouflage in nature, urban/apartment camouflage, the crowd and anonymity, skin-on-skin camouflage, the exhibition hopes to raise questions about a disturbing aspect of contemporary life. It presents works by more than 60 creators from 11 different countries.


Riccardo Rami is present with the star of the event: a Smart Camouflage, the first camouflage machine when the wrapping technique did not yet exist, with furniture, glass, and carpets made with various techniques, all camouflage.



Riccardo Rami 20 years of work, exhibition at the Prato Textile Museum

April 22 - May 15, 2004

20 years of work: projects and products in the field of Textiles, Clothing and Industrial Design


28 February 2009 

Born from the idea of Riccardo Rami and Marco Milanesi to bring jazz musicians to the studio/loft in Piazza Mercatale to record a concert among the work tables, collections of clothing, fabrics, and friends present at the special evening.

The Florentine trumpet player who has become an American citizen, Fabio Morgera, the Greek vibraphonist friend Christos Raflides, and the double bass player Paolo Ghetti are called to this session. They are joined at the last moment by the excellent Dario Cecchini.


The result of that magical evening attended by over 200 people is imprinted on the album:


Link iTunes

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