Updated: Dec 4, 2019

MAT&R is a project that was born in 1997 in collaborations with GM. Filati and marks a different and contemporary approach to the recycled and organic natural fabric that today animates textile clothing.

Recycled jeans, colored natural cotton, natural linen, hemp and jute for vegetable fibers.

Natural wool and Alpaca in all color shades for Animal Fibers.

For the recycled part support techniques are used with Nylon, Lycra or Acrylic with insulating power.

For the Natural part some natural resins also colored with organic dyes.

The garments made with respect for the characteristics of the materials and still maintain freshness and contemporaneity.

The people who participated in the project were aware of the fact that being more sustainable was not a decision that had to do only with the environment and the matter used, but that are the people with their actions that influence the process of social and environmental change.

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