Riccardo Rami

rami a dimensione Riccardo Rami was born and studied in Prato and specializes his skills as a textiel designer.

After 10 years of work he began his career as a freelance textile designer and consultant for various clothing brands.

Organization Riccardo Rami Studio
Headquarter is in Prato (Firenze – Italy), and it includes offices and show-room inside an old, completely renovated carpets textile factory, covering a total surface of 1.200 sqm.
Here work 10 associates, among whom 4 in particular can count on international experiences with some major worldwide textile & apparel Brands.

In year 2005, Riccardo Rami Studio opened a branch show-room in Istanbul (Turkey) with a local partner Studio, to give continuative competent support to client, very well introduced in the turkish business community, having lived important experiences in some major national and international Companies of the textile and apparel market.

Through a 15 years long cooperation with a local Studio, it also offers a presence and strong connecting-point in Tokyo (Japan) (at least 20 years long experiences in some major national textile Companies).

Furthermore, the Studio can also guarantee a direct, continuative relationship with best
fabrics/apparel/materials suppliers in China through its own Branch and Showroom in Shanghai. In the year 2006 RRS has opened a branch with Mr. Jaskaran Singh Panag of
Gurjas Communication, who has become the exclusive, official representative for all activities of the Studio in the territories of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Italian Connection Through its long-time strong relationships with some of the top quality “service-laboratories” in Italy in different fields (and particularly in the apparel field), the Studio has also the possibility to offer a
complete service to its clients: from a
design/sketch board to its production and delivery.

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