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“Our products are always born

for a reason..”

Riccardo Rami Studio is a Contemporary and Artisan Design Workshop with a small own production that has maintained and built its identity around its textile experience. 

Its Staff and Collaborators are "Sustainable Design Workers", most of them have evolved over the years, and from Textile Engineers they have become Designers who always use the pencil to create a project, an object, a garment, or a fabric, then pass to the PC, using social media to communicate, creating videos, work on e-commerce ... But remaining, with pride, Design Workers who have experimented in the field how to create things that make sense always keeping up to date on the latest discoveries regarding fibers, techniques, and finishes while respecting nature.

The studio has an important background to the legacy of the city of Prato, which today is more than ever contemporary: the knowledge of the cycle of regenerated fabrics. 

In this area Riccardo Rami Studio has worked rigorously, registering trademarks, likewise in the research into materials and applied techniques he has various patents and related trademarks. 

Below are just a few things that have influenced Textile and Apparel worldwide in recent years and have become commonplace today…



"Each fabric has been designed by listening to the suggestions of the materials that make it up, and needs a piece of clothing to express it self"

Riccardo Rami



"The shape of a garment and its expression are directly connected to the material, and it is necessary to harmoniously assemble materials and manufacturing techniques by listening to the suggestions of the fabrics that will compose it."




Our Concept Is Based On The Continuous Research For The "Appropriate" Material And Opens A Bridge Between Technology And Craftsmanship, Each Garment Is Designed To Become Exclusive And Unique The Moment It Is Worn.

A Balance Between Memories, Past Generations, And Future Technology Using Techniques And Materials Expressly Studied By Riccardo Rami In Order To Create A Radical Design As A Final Result.

Each Garment Gives The Person Wearing It The Certainty Of The Past Time And The Emotion Of A Future Adventure


"workman of design"

Engineered garments, where the technique and the innovations of fabrics and tailoring merge in one with the style.


By John Malkovich

Men's clothing line designed by John Malkovich assistant designer and development Riccardo Rami Studio

By Jhon Malkovich
From 2010 to 2015

“Technobohemian is a phrase I read in a yet unpublished italian novel.
I lift it with the author’s permission and I will endevour to use it well.”

as ever, John Malkovich

Men's clothing line designed by John Malkovich 

Assistant designer and development Riccardo Rami Studio

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Schermata 2022-11-02 alle 12.27.29.png

My kindred spirit...

When today we talk about circularity and sustainability, we cannot help but think of Prato, of its history as a Pioneer Area in this art. And it is here that the MAT & R Project was born in 1997.


Clothes make a statement , Costumes tell a story..

Mason Cooley

Costumes for Theatrical Works that respect the tradition, the roles and the characters of each character

observed from a different perspective that makes the characters recognizable but at the same time "unique" ...

the materials, shapes, colors, accessories, accents and construction techniques used come from the experiential background of Textile and Clothing ...

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