Our life, our projects and our future in the "real" world depend upon our travels in the "reality of the dream"

Andrea was driving alone at 120km / h in the night, he had just fallen asleep and the orographic display in front of him indicated that in 30 minutes he would come home. The mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines stood out in the moonlit sky and the background music exalted its beauty // (...) // Andrea left at dawn for Milan where in the early morning he met a representative of the Ominidistrubution - China where they discussed a project he had been working on for 5 years, the Unionteks. // (…) // Today those clothing and furnishing stores have merged into one thing, becoming a true concentration of Italian "life-style" due to an agreement signed in 2005 with a then rising star within the company in the biologically correct production of typical Tuscan foods, such as olive oil, wine and other local products, as well as owner of a chain of bed and breakfasts, agritourism complexes and hotels. // (...) // The secret was in recapitalizing the energy that was sometimes left unused in the Pratese society and around the city, with the inflexible intent of those who know what things are made of, used to working in the "cubic millimeter", to guess, like Michelangelo in the marble blocks, the hidden beauty and goodness within a mountain of "rags", in an old garment, as well as in a dilapidated building, or in an unknown material never tested until now. (...) //. Today, in 2002, Andrea is 14 years old and is in his first year of high school, neither he nor his parents can imagine anything about his future, of which, however, they are the main architects, in a city and in a context that is changing faster and faster by the minute.//

// A suspended, aseptic, repetitive place. Many washing machines. A color chart in which each color is associated with a number. Hostesses take orders. You can choose your garment, of your size, of your preferred cut, but strictly WHITE. Your color, and the color of your dress, is a combination of numbers that only you know, and you alone have. The washing machine colors your choice and you will be yet another infinite variant of a finite number of alternatives. //




"An Italian garden on the roofs of Milan"