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KINCHAKU RAMAGE Mini black & orange

KINCHAKU RAMAGE Mini black & orange

Storage bag 

A contemporary and westernized reinterpretation of Japanese Kinchaku bags.

Made of 100% Cotton jacquard fabric, the shoulder strap is made with an adjustable multicolored cord, finished with contrasting heat-shrinking plastic, ideal for holding a mobile phone and other small objects. Forests have a restorative effect on human beings, with this project we want to bring in some way the beneficial effects of nature into the home and of those who live there, through the use of color and its perception, using the Rainbow Jacquard technique that is based on the RGB color mixing system.


  • 100% cotton
  • Contrast stitching and details
  • L 12 cm x H 20 cm 
  • See label for care instructions (tablet (contact us for more informations) 
  • Made in Italy


notes: Kinchaku (巾着, lit. 'cloth + wearing / on one's person') is a traditional Japanese drawstring bag, used like a handbag (similar to the English reticule) for carrying around personal possessions; smaller ones are usually used to carry loose coinage (similar to a sagemono), cosmetics, lucky charms, hand warmers and other small items. Larger versions can be used to carry bento (packed lunchboxes) and utensils, as well as other larger possessions. The bags traditionally carried by maiko and geisha are a variant on kinchaku, and are called kago () (literally 'basket') after their woven basket base.


The colors on the screen may differ slightly, any small discrepancies are the result of craftsmanship and attest to the uniqueness of each product.