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Riccardo Rami Studio is a reality that works at the international level in the fashion sectors: Textiles and clothing, design: Graphic and Industrial. Communication and Language of things. And it makes the research ethical, aesthetic, technological, and industrial it's purpose.


Riccardo Rami Studio works on two levels:

- Own Products that are the result of its research and its aesthetic code

- Collaborations with Companies for their products, collections, and brand identity.


Accompany them through the journey that passes from the concept, design of the product to its realization until its dissemination... The aim is always to seek a sense of things, connecting the dots, finding harmony, working with respect towards people and the context in which it is being used. Combining materials, colors, and shapes to be able to use all the energy available in the field of action. Using and combining ancient and non-ancient disciplines, among which feng shui, astrology, pnl, and its own predictive system INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY®.


At Riccardo Rami studio we believe that being more sustainable is not a decision that deals only with the environment, we are aware that our people and our actions affect the process of social and environmental change.

We have always been committed to research and creativity, respecting people and the materials with which we interact, as well as the correct management of resources.

We always work to find the right point of the union between aesthetics and ethics that move us, with the awareness that:

“the right thing is also the beautiful one...”




Riccardo Rami Studio takes life in the old factory of Pugi carpets, in the medieval walls of the city of Prato. The redevelopment of these spaces began in 1994 with the collaboration of architects Paolo and Francesco Paoletti. Everything changes without changing ...

The open spaces have remained the same with only a few new Connective openings. The second part of the studio was restored in 2004 and is the evolution of the first intervention. In this part, there are solutions dedicated to the sunlight that use the glass in the walls and glass surfaces in the mezzanine floor that leave the light on the lower floor. A waterfall of slate stone takes water from an old water well of the former factory and acts as a natural air ionizer. In all two parts, the materials used in the intervention are simple and natural: iron, wood, glass. The colors of the materials are inspired by Tuscany, a warmer tone in the first part and more neutral in the second.


All the interventions were thought out because, in the end, everything had to become only one. In terms of harmony of form, materials, colors, and solutions and to the context. Plants play an important role in the studio because they keep an energetic and harmonic balance. Furniture and all the setup was made with natural and recycled materials, paper material for works, packaging, and storage is everything with paper and kraft cardboard, recycled, resistant, and recyclable.


Energy systems have been converted into a modern low consumption system and all the lights are leds.



The Studio is continuously connected to the rest of the world, thanks to its system of contacts, connections, trips, relations, and meetings of the Staff and Associates. 


Staff and Associates who represent a world of experience in the fields of textiles and clothing, in fashion, design and industrial design, forecasting trends, marketing, anthropology, communication, astrology, feng shui, philosophy. The Firm and its staff and collaborators have experience in the industrial sector combined with various skills and industrial sectors of over 500 years and have worked together to help companies achieve greater success.


The companies with which the Firm and its staff and partners have worked together have a total annual turnover of over 60 MLD €.

The organization of the Studio takes an example from that of the Beehive in which the work is always interconnected in Simultaneous Engineering in order to use all the knowledge, skills, and all the experiences and specialties of the Staff and Associates. Everyone has his own field of expertise based on the experience accumulated in that area but knows and has experienced in all other activities.


The studio uses the Simultaneous Engineering or Concurrent Engineering and Design Thinking systems, aimed at the integrated and faster development of the product that highlights the response to the customer's expectations by involving him in the important decision-making phases.



Our trend and forecast processing system is based on over 30 years of industry experience, we constantly analyze the change of language / expression emerging on the international scene, due to the socio-economic situation, and we evaluate all the salient signals that we consider important.

these news have a continuous daily flow and we process them to apply them with our special Predictive Model called “INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY®”.


We follow the progress of the life cycle and social trends and try to anticipate them also by virtue of the geopolitical, climatic, energetic, astrological, spiritual and salient events at the moment of analysis. In the end, according our experience we have understood how important innovators and influencers are for  trends, but also how much more important each of us is ...


We have experienced this directly with the innovations, patents and new processes that were carried out in advance by Riccardo Rami Studio riding the waves of time and which indelibly testify our avant-garde spirit.


We believe that man must always be at the centre of the Project and that only man can give the added value that makes any commercial or productive operation a success. And it is on man, on his energy, on his uniqueness that we aim.

“The future is not to be forecast but created. What we do today will decide the shape of things tomorrow.”

Erwin Lazlo




Simultaneous Engineering or Concurrent Engineering is a systematic approach aimed at the integrated development of the product that highlights the response to customer expectations. Incorporate in the team the values of cooperation, group, and partnership so that the production of decisions is consensual, involving all perspectives in parallel, from the beginning of the product life cycle...



The creative process of Design Thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts (proposals for new products, collections, concepts, etc.) are developed by designers and design teams. Design thinking is associated with product innovation to simplify the design process and the role of technical knowledge and skills. This is to speed up processes and allow everyone to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the new Collections.




listening to needs, exploring identities, skills, tools, context, and purpose.

A true scan of the state of the art to identify the possibilities and ambitions, arriving at a diagnosis and a sustainable bespoke recipe.




“In harmony with the rhythms of Nature,

the Seasons and the Planetary Harmonics”

A real design (or re-design) of the product starting from the system, completely eliminating the negative impact on the environment through an intelligent and sensitive design and adequate communication.



Biodynamic Project


Since its inception 25 years ago, the studio has always had a very pronounced Green Soul, Plants have always been an important presence as a strong mediator of natural energy...

We will soon complete two new green steps with the construction of a raised vegetable garden and a new large wall of climbing plants. And that is why we are particularly proud as Prato Citizens to be present in the section of "Prato Forest City", where all the organizations that have become Partners are present thanks to the green actions they have undertaken in the city. 

For us it is normal for the people who work in the studio to dedicate part of their time to plants and to think about how to care for, protect and evolve this green heritage with continuous small interventions. This allows us to experience the rhythm of nature more and to get closer to it and its vibrations. And it is thanks to them, their suggestions, their wisdom and silent awareness that what we do turns out to be more naturally harmonious.


It may seem impossible but the Plants are a part of us, they are our Green Staff and we are happy because they brighten our days and sometimes we can suffer with them if they are not well.

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