"seize the moment"



An original forecast product, a concept by Riccardo Rami Studio, tuned by Gemstudio


A unique synthesis instrument for those who want to keep the pace with fashion movements, that analyze and selects without mercy the seasonal themes in three appointments accompanying you through the seasonal market evolution from the beginning to the end..


Updates is equipped with a cold synthesis and romantic passion, two characteristics that make it unique and indispensable.


The updates team providing a  seasonal trend information synthesis with a precise focus on the themes which are on the wave:

The tool including moodboards themes, suggestions with relevant pictures , materials, master shapes original drawings , colours and with precise indications.



“we invite you to explore this new product and we hope you can perceive, appreciate and enjoy its creative energy”




6 issues per year, 3 each season:

2 main exits immediately after the fashion shows,

4 Mood Board Book with precise indications on the Materials, Colors and Shapes of the moment.

1 online update

2 at the end of the seasonal trip with the latest must haves



- April: 4 Book each one with theme, Photos, Colors, Materials and Shapes

- June: online update

September: 2 Book with Photos, Colors, Materials and Shapes



- Novembre: 4 Book each one with theme, Photos, Colors, Materials and Shapes

- December: online update

- February: 2 Book with Photos, Colors, Materials and Shapes.


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