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One day a Little Man was returning from Japan.

Yet another journey.

He realized he had never known enough

of that country ... until that moment at least

perhaps because he had always been there just for work.


He had left Tokyo with the only mood he could

arouse being continually sucked into myriads

of black heads moving around

like schools of small fish

which continued incessantly

to blur his perception of reality ...

His seat was comfortable

first class

reclined him

with the gaze still lost in that image

framed by the porthole

colorful images began to overlap

flows of people

clouds maybe he was dreaming

that strange "E" reversed

the lunch box that the hostess had just delivered to him

light bodies like clouds

and all that its tourist eyes

they had seen during that journey ...


He opened his eyes, a small turbulence had brought him back

in front of that container for lunch and the hostess

who asked him to take it back ...

Without understanding exactly why, he asked her to keep it

the hostess smiled and turned around.

The little man wondered why that gesture ...

He didn't answer immediately, but after a while he understood that box maybe

it contained the very spirit of that strange country ...

So many colors, flavors and fragrances mixed

to then be enclosed together

in that one object

he was surprised. Never having given him so much value ...


He wished he could wear it

all those perceptions ...

He returned home.

He opened his suitcase

he took his favorite shirt and started

to imagine yourself above

all those clouds, shapes and colors.

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