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Reapple and Riccardo Rami have joint for a new collaboration that aims to enhance and complete its offer and to give its customers an opportunity: to add design by purchasing technology, and vice versa.


The beginning of a journey between two worlds that meet, where technology ends and the soul begins, with the common intention of giving a new meaning to matter.

REAPPLE products are contemporary technology and design icons brought back to life, which helps us to stay in touch with our world respecting it.

RICCARDO RAMI's creations are part of a World of Fantasy where technique and function merge with materials: processing waste, recycled or, in some cases, organic materials, while the proportions, colours and patterns used give the objects of a particular expressive force.

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“Mission and Vision”


ReApple was born with the mission of proposing to the end user and the company, Apple devices regenerated or reconditioned of the highest quality

and rigorously of controlled origin.


Subsequently we re-propose them on the market at affordable prices, so that everyone can take advantage of Apple excellence. We offer innovative, reliable solutions and quality to an ever wider audience and we actively help to break down pollution and waste production: each refurbished computer produces indeed a CO2 savings of around 80 kg!


Our vision: increasingly green technology e accessible, we imagine a future in which the passion for hi-tech can move in synergy with the quality of service and protection of the environment.

“Our Values and our Actions”


We have always been committed to research and creativity, respecting people and the materials with which we interact, as well as the correct management of resources. Always working to find the right point of the union between aesthetics and ethics that move us, with the awareness that: “the right thing is also the beautiful one...” our concept is based on the continuous research for the “appropriate” material and opens a bridge between technology and craftsmanship, each product is designed to become exclusive and unique the moment it is used. All with respect for the environment and people who with their contributions participate in the creation of the product. A balance between memories, past generations and future technology, using techniques and material expressly studied by riccardo rami in order to create a radical design as a final result. Each product give the person use it the certainty of the past time and emotion of a future adventure.



Via del Lavoro 55 - 50041 Calenzano (FI) -Italy

Tel. +39 055 8839848



RICARDO RAMI Mercatale, 168 - 59100 Prato - Italy

Tel. +39 0574 442235



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