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(via mail, fb and twitter) - every 15 days

information on highlights events of the period that is worth communicating


Bits® "basic informations trends":

(via mail, fb, instagram) - every month

update on the most interesting Trends in progress, those on the event horizon and events that can affect the present and change the future and consequently our decisions and those of all those who are preparing to design and create something that will be ready in the " future"


Mutaments / Changes:

(via e-mail and fb) - every 3 months

on the occasion of the changing seasons, dates 20 March, 21 June, 22 September, 21 December

where we talk about the changes taking place looking at the coming months




News Letter, fb, twitter - every month approx.

editorials with the views of the various "MAADs"


Conferences, Conferences, Meetings - scheduled cycles


MAADs = "Masters, Associated, Advisors":


Claudio Cannistrà, Marco Fida, Roberto Cecchetti, Riccardo Rami

– PREMO® Advisor

Tel. +39 0574 442235  -  Fax. +39 0574 449795  

E-mail: info@riccardorami.com

P.iva: 02366850978

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