" I have explored and have voluntarily entered into domains forbidden by a large fraction of those in our culture who are not curious, are not explorative and are not mentally equipped to enter these domains".

John C.Lilly

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Research project 1997

MAT&R is a project that was born in 1997 in collaborations with GM. Filati and marks a different and contemporary approach to the recycled and organic natural fabric that today animates textile clothing. Recycled jeans, colored natural cotton, natural linen, hemp and jute for vegetable fibers. Natural wool and Alpaca in all color shades for Animal Fibers. For the recycled part support techniques are used with Nylon, Lycra or Acrylic with insulating power. For the Natural part some natural resins also colored with organic dyes. The garments made by IMAR ENGINEERING with respect for the characteristics of the materials and always still maintain freshness and contemporaneity.



The people who participated in the project were aware of the fact that being more sustainable was not a decision that had to do only with the environment and the matter used, but that the most important thing are the people with their actions that influence the process of social and environmental change.




Collaboration with Aedon

First patent recognized for laser cutting garments composed of natural and artificial mixed synthetic fabric.

The initial experiment with laser machines was performed for wood inlays.

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Project, 2004 

Collaborations with Rifinizione Cambi Luigi & C., Alessandro Barducci physicist, Fabrizio Chemeri cognitive anthropologist.

Initial harmonic proportion of a chosen color combination re-manifesting it in other fascinating combinations with varying colors.

Useful in all areas where color combinations are significant: graphic, artistic, interior decor, etc...

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Research project 2004

Collaboration with Trafi

The Felt with its personality, with its characteristics, with its multiple personalities and possible applications interpreted with new techniques, colors and expressions a wide and contemporary Project for an ancient and powerful material.

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Research project 2000

Camouflage in the city as it once was in the countryside, hiding from the enemy, from the prey, from a friend, in everyday life, when we are alone... camouflaging is an art a way of life.

Smart Kamo was created in 2000 by Riccardo Rami Studio with a dye masks system to achieve the camouflage effect, and it was the first City Car with a Camouflage dress. Later it was exhibited at the MUDAC (link) in 2002 as a lookout for the "Cache Cache Camouflage" exhibition.

The Kamo, Project has also produced versions of the C1 BMW, Mini, and BMW. Kamo Project also embraces other products always made with the concept of Camouflage, such as Furniture made with printing techniques on wood as early as 2001, Needled felt rugs, Cast Glass Objects, all of which were exhibited at MUDAC.

The technique of printed laminas for cars took place many years later with various customizations and the camouflage foils are always among the most sold the Smart Kamo was published in the book of Maharishi.

DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material – An Encyclopedia of Camouflage

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Color Software, 2004 

Collaborations with Rifinizione Cambi Luigi & C., Alessandro Barducci physicist,

Fabrizio Chemeri cognitive anthropologist.

Software designed to change the chosen colors depending upon the geographical area of ​​interest selecting the most pleasant in that area we will therefore have a slightly warmer red, a less intense blue navy with a cobalt flame and so on...

Useful for the appreciation of the product in the specific market area.



Research project 2001

Once upon a time there was a beautiful "Magic Shop" named "Mimik", full of Giant Plants and Cacti, Rare Flowers, Antique Bohemian Crystals and Unusual Antiques and Furniture mostly from the Czech Republic and Mexico. When you entered the Magic Shop it was like crossing a dimensional passage, inside everything was in harmony even if "rationally" it should have been the contrary. Salvo and Joseph, the two people who ran the Shop, seemed to come out of a Book of Fairy Tales, the Owner instead was a person who was always traveling to distant countries and showed up every now and then, especially when there were deliveries from Mexico, a country he often visited. Salvo and Joseph instead took care of the purchases, the Flowers, the selection of the Crystals and the Antiques from the Czech Republic and the Harmony and the Magic of the Shop. Today the Magic Shop no longer exists, or rather it is no longer in this dimension, but it has been and still is the inspiration for many projects and its atmosphere and energy is always available and can be visited every time there is necessity ..


And we can still find tracesof this Magic in some object and artifact that has the characteristics of all those things that seem to have traveled over time.




The Project start in 1980 with Fratelli Cecchi, tearing up used jeans from all over the world to recreate a recycled cotton product through the carded wool process.

The Project had an update later in 1990 with GM for the Yarn, Tuskania for the Fabrics and IMAR ENGINEERING the Brand. Creating a regenerated product with cotton spinning by inserting with the corespun system Nylon monofilament or Lycra to give the fabric and the Garments a contemporary performance.

Jeans to ginse is a testimony to the validity of the Alchemical Mescolo of Prato tradition applied to a product that is always young and contemporary like Jeans...

Today even more meaningful and current.

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Research project 2009

Collaboration with MDU Architetti

An Italian fashion designer and an Italian Architecture Studio one concept that synthetizes CONTEMPORANEITY and HISTORY, to approach Design from interior decor to urban planning to create DENSE spaces inside the contemporary metropolitan CITY. Places featuring a density from an EXISTENTIAL point of view, featuring a density of MATERIAL, density of NATURE, density of THOUGHT, and density of EMOTIONS. Places to forget the Metropolitan CHAOS and transform it into a new possible way of the city life.

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Fabric for any season

Research project 1996

Collaboration with Pozzi Electa

Mixed Wool yarn / Ceramic Polyester

Ceramic Polyester promotes an absorbent function towards UVA and UVB rays and a reflective reaction towards thermal rays, creating a real shielding effect against the heat of the sun, lowering the internal temperature of the fabric, ensuring freshness and comfort during sun exposure.

Wool is a natural insulator. From this fiber combination comes a fabric with an incredible ability to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Research project 2012

RI-GENESI is a project born in 2012 inspired by the alchemy of the “Mescolo Pratese” as a recipe for a circular economy and a new lifestyle. The art of recycling in fabric, clothing, our living and working spaces... Riccardo Rami Studio has experienced all this over the years and brought it together in the RI-GENESI project. We are aware that this world must change but this cannot happen through destruction but only through a re-birth just so everything can find a new meaning. The act of alchemical transformation that Prato discovered many years ago in the field of Textiles is a great legacy and a precious opportunity to do more and better with what already exists that we can apply in other fields such as architecture in general. Finding spaces that can create uses, emotions, and feelings is the equivalent of finding a new purpose to a mountain of "rags".

Destruction is a simplistic and wrong decision that can have also a very negative social impact...

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