TWL Preview
  • TWL Preview


    A Woolmark® Product Created by RICCARDO RAMI STUDIO

    THE WOOL LAB Preview is a seasonal series of inspirational books created to inspire and inform textile and fashion professionals regarding the infinite potential of wool and beyond..
    It is the result of an extensive research, taking inputs from global design, art, pop culture, sport, and other fields.
    Every season, The WOOL LAB Preview offers a collection of inspiring wool fabrics and yarns (coming from archives or expressly made with innovative ideas) and exclusive inspirational images for each theme.

    -6/7 trend themes, each issue presented in a work folder -Moods, trends and influences
    -Stimulating imagery
    -Fabrics swatches
    -Colour cards with Pantone® references

    2 release in a year AW - SS

    “we invite you to explore this product and we hope you can perceive, appreciate and enjoy its creative energy”