(Predictive Model)

"Surfing the waves of changes"


PREMO® works by predicting future events, identifying the target by making a "ballistic" calculation,

considering the "interferences",

which could modify the future result.

Such as the "wind" that intervenes to modify the trajectory of the arrow ..



PREMO® uses two registered working models indispensable for the processing of Predictive Process:



The Riccardo Rami Studio Forecasting Products that use PREMO® technology are:




Predictive system of changes


PRESOC® is a system for processing and interpreting the situation in the present and identify in the immediate a the possible solution


everything happens acknowledgment of the state of the art through a screening of the subject in question and the simultaneous evaluation of the surrounding areas of possible interest to the subject himself.


PRESOC® after identifying the turning point

takes into account the changes (over time) of the conditions

and is able at any time

to re-elaborate another possible way,

behaving like a satellite navigator

in the face of an unexpected interruption on the path.


Communications Marketing Sales System


in these years of work and continuous study and deepening in the various cases encountered, we have been able to find how the Aesthetics, Geometry and Harmony

are important for the purpose of the result

and how they should be present in all the steps of the process from the design phase to the production phase

even where apparently their presence does not seem necessary


here the aesthetic-harmonic perfection is transformed

and manifested in powerful expression  and coherent work in the final product and is thus ready to be communicated.

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