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The green big bang 

Art and design is an ideal meeting between the artist, Fargo, and Riccardo Rami, to transform the external and internal environments of the studio and imagine new social relationships. 

The mimesis of nature through painting is proposed with the language of a wall painting by Fargo in constant dialogue with the pre-existing architecture, already strongly permeated by forms, textures, and patterns referable to nature, and acts as a sensitive link between the plants inside and those in the backyard garden.

The Tyrannosaurus is the icon used by Fargo to combine the passion for dinosaurs shared by Riccardo Rami and a child named Niccolò met in2021 by the artist, in the context of the artisticworkshops promoted by”NPM Bambini in Movimento and Dynamo Camp”.


The green big bang is the beginning of a series of projects aimed at returning to a life in harmony with nature.

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