It’s the model which consists in the sudden understanding of the useful strategy to arrive at the solution of a problem or of the solution itself.


It is a predictive model designed to identify goals and/or predict future events, developed and refined by Riccardo Rami Studio over 25 years of experience

INSIGHT (literally “internal vision”) is a term of English origin used in psychology, and defines the concept of “intuition”, in the immediate and sudden form.

INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY® Is the method which consists in the sudden understanding of the useful strategy to arrive at the solution of a problem or of the solution itself.

Unlike what is considered problem solving in general, where the solution to the problem is reached through an analytical and consequential construction, the insight occurs in a single step and appears suddenly in the mind of the solver.

INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY® Produce the result of a restructuring of the elements of the problem, even in the absence of pre-existing interpretations.

Riccardo Rami Studio utilizes the Insight Method to solve a problem and/or individuate a target giving accurate, discrete, all-or-nothing type responses, whereas individuals not using the insight process are more likely to produce partial and incomplete responses.

INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY® uses various skills:

Artistic, Aesthetic, Harmonic, Energetic, Technical, Communicative, Graphics, Feng-Shui, Hi Ching, Symbology, Psychology, Philosophy, Astrology, Language of things.



are Riccardo Rami Studio Trademarks


PRESOC® is a system that allows to process and interpret the situation observed in the present and immediately identify the possible solution and its path.

Everything happens at the time of the first screening of the subject in question and at the same time the assessment of the other surrounding areas of possible interest to the subject.

This method has been developed with direct experiences successfully applied especially in the areas of Design-Product-Communication on over 100 cases.


In almost all cases it has been found that the best solution is always present at the time of the initial meeting and it tends to decrease its resolving power and/or to change over time.

After identifying Target and during the path are taken into account the possible changes (over time) of the conditions and, with PRESOC System, it is easily possible at any time to re-elaborate a new way to reach Target. Like a satellite navigator in the face of an unexpected interruption on the path.

The system acts in three steps or “pillars”

1° Pillar: assumption and processing of the resulting information of the requesting Subject Screening.

evaluation of the aspects, characteristics, possibilities, wills, desires, and imagination of the subject in question, be it person, company or group.

2° Pillar: research and elaboration of information coming from the near and surrounding interesting areas concerning the subject in question.

observation and listening to the subject from multiple points of view: aesthetic, harmonious, energetic, technical-practical plus any case-study of reference.

3° Pillar: the data is collected, processed and interpreted by the Staff of Riccardo Rami Studio who at this point operates “the adjustment” balancing the response with “conscience”, in order to find the identification of the “technical-practical” Path or “Arrow”: “direction – solution”



In these years of work, continuous study and in-depth study, we have found that aesthetics, geometry, and harmony are very important in the various cases encountered for the purpose of the result and how they should be present in all the steps of the process from the design phase to the production phase

“Although apparently their presence does not seem indispensable.”

Aesthetic-Harmonic perfection becomes a powerful expression of consistency in the final product and is thus ready to be communicated.

COMMASS® besides being a method that helps to obtain Products in Harmony with the context and with respect to the desired purpose is a source to draw on for subsequent communication and marketing of the product.

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