“A contemporary Oracle to face and surf through the waves of changes..”

Riccardo Rami Studio

It helps you get the most out of the future

in these days of change

using the intuitive art of mutaments interpreting

and supporting you in finding the best ways

to get your only added value

in a world that wants us all part of algorithms

surfing through the waves of our destiny

it is a revolutionary choice!



our trend and forecast processing system is based on over 30 years of experience in the field


We process the news we receive from the global market:

shops, movements, trends, along with those that are the needs of companies, retailers, brands, new makers ..

this news is crossed with others sources that have anthropological, geopolitical, energetic, astrological, symbolic values.. this news has a continuous daily flow and we process it with our special Predictive Model called PREMO

Processing is first of all general and then specific depending on the specific needs and requirements of our customers


in this way we can follow the trend of the life cycle and social trends and also anticipate them by virtue of the geopolitical, climatic, energetic, astrological, spiritual and symbolic salient movements.


in the last years of experience we have understood how important innovators, influencers are to basic trends, but also how much each one of us is much more important..

because as Erwin Lazlo quoted:

The future is not to be forecast but created.

What we do today will decide the shape of things tomorrow.


“this we have experimented directly with the innovations, the patents and the new processes that have been realized in advance by Riccardo Rami Studio riding the waves of time and that indelibly testify our avant-garde spirit”


We always monitor the life cycle of trends and their development and we are in direct contact with manufacturers, retail, brands, fast fashion and the same with that of social media.


We work and elaborate the Trends from Concept to Material to the finished product, the packaging and the communication, keeping in mind the various levels of the market depending on the product and its position in the supply chain


All this is then processed according to the market, the product, its positioning, the characteristics of the customer, his desires and the most suitable timing.


we believe that man must be at the center of the Project and that only man can give the added value that makes a commercial and / or productive operation a success.

and it is on man, on his energy, on his uniqueness that we aim.



“There is nothing insignificant in the world.

It all depends on the point of view.”


Is a series of Riccardo Rami Studio's Forecasting Products on those that are the highlights and interest according the Studio “point of view”

through to the headlines treated by the various

Insiders, Partners, Associates and Connections.






"Ordered, commissioned, arranged for.."


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"Symbiosis is a much higher reflection of intelligent life"


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All the forecast products and services of Riccardo Rami Studio use the Systems: